John "Constantine" Lester

Archivist of the Occult


John Constantine did not have a happy childhood. His mother, Mary Anne died in childbirth, and his father, Thomas, never forgave him. He spent much of his childhood running away from home, living on the streets because of this. John was always a rebel, and spent a long time studying the Occult, making a small amount of money working as a street magician. It was during this time that John met his best friend, Francis “Chas” Chandler. Chas and John could not be separated, and at the young age of 17, the two started traveling together. They came across a few friends along the way and started a small, shitty band.

At the age of 22, John had build up a small reputation for being a dabbler into the Dark Arts, and the terrible lead singer of Mucous Membrane. John was approached one night by a person after his show. They asked for his help, and that a little girl had been Possessed by a devil. Chas convinced John that he had to try to help this girl. John attempted a ritual, attempting to invoke the name of a greater devil. The ritual failed, and in the process the greater devil claimed the soul of the girl. In the process, the devil destroyed her body, and the weak willed members of John’s friends, leaving Gary Lester, Beano and Les dead. John was only able to protect himself and Chas from the devil’s power.

Blood on his hands, and with a terrified town after him, John fled. Before fleeing, he told Chas not to follow him, he was going to a portal to Sigil he had read about some time ago. He would find a way to free the girl soul. Chas took John’s word to heart, and John fled as fast as he could, during the process for the ritual that he had attempted along the way. He made his way to Sigil, and began researching the devil. In his research, he found his way to the Fuming Kobald, and found some new friends. He is working to build his power until he will be strong enough to stand up to the devil and take back the souls of the little girl and his friends who perished in the process.

Chas attempted to forget John. He really gave it a good try. But at the end of the day, John was his best friend in the world. How could he let him take on devils without Chas being at his side. Chas headed off, making his way to Sigil by himself. It took him some time, but he found John after some time. It wasn’t long; After all, it’s John Constantine. It’s not hard to find the only Paranormal Human Investigator in Sigil.

John "Constantine" Lester

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